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Parent Letter Folder

If for any reason you are missing a piece of correspondence you will find copies in the Parent Letter Folder located on top of the children’s drawers, the table is situated at the entrance porch.

Information Sheet

Everyone should have received an information sheet either in their drawer or welcome pack. We would like you to share this information with everyone who has relations with the Pre-School whilst your child is with us. We kindly request you take extra note of the Safety section and the allergies section.

Staff Training

Staff training is ongoing throughout the year and this year staff will be covering topics such as ‘Boisterous play’, ‘Parent partnership’ and ‘Early writing’, to name just a few! The staff leave the setting up to four times a year to attend training courses along with in-setting training. Pre-School Money Tree To help raise funds towards the children’s gardening area, we have given all the children are asking if you would and you child fill the cup that they will be given with unwanted coppers. When the cup is full, please bring it back to Pre- School and tip the coins into the bucket in the small room, every time they do this they will receive a leaf with their name on to attach to the autumn picture.

Important Safety Notice

We would kindly request that children are asked not to climb on the veranda railings whilst waiting for the start or end of the sessions. The staff do not allow them to do so during session times and it important to keep the consistency of rules.

Children’s Clothing

Just a reminder that all the children should continue to bring their wellingtons for outside play. Could you also make sure that all children are wearing named plimsoles for their sessions and all other items of clothing are also named.

Carrier Bag Reminder

Further to previous letters and reminders, we would politely request that all carrier bags be taken away with you when you leave your child at the beginning of the session. We would like to point out that this is a health and safety issue. The suggestion we have is perhaps to use a suitable shoe bag, which can be ordered through Pre-School at a cost of £3.75.

Parent Helpers

Many thanks to all the parents who have kindly agreed to help with various jobs required over the next year. This help is gratefully appreciated by all the staff and helps with the smooth running of our setting. We also welcome parents into the setting during our sessions to help with various jobs it could be any of the following the choice is yours!

– Reading with the children – Cleaning – Art – Cooking – Playing games – Gardening – Observation of the children Please see a member of staff to put your name on the rota.


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